Creatures Featured

Creatures Featured

Starting in 2016, I’ve been releasing a short story collection every other year. I haven’t exactly been planing it, it’s just turned out that way.

2020 starts with a collection of my stories, and the theme this time is creatures. There’s a few stories from my other collections, some more from the anthologies I’ve contributed to, and a bunch of never-before-seen stories.

I’m very proud of these stories and they run the gamut of genres and themes but all of them include some kind of creature. The ebook is available now and the print edition will be up any moment.

The ebook is on sale for $2.99 (in the US) right now, but goes up to $4.99 on February 12th.

As with my other collections there are musings about the book’s theme and backstories for each tale, for those of you who enjoy that kind of thing.

Here’s the blurb and the cover: 

Two dragons, a kraken, Cthulhu and a bunch of zombies, lots of monsters here. A couple of unicorns, a naiad, the Grim Reaper, and the Devil, plenty of creatures too.

From the fertile imagination of Robert J. McCarter comes Creatures Featured, a collection of 13 stories that cross genres and take some old stories in exciting new directions. Each tale featuring his unique style of storytelling. 

Expect surprises and wonder at the creatures featured here.

Get your copy here!

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