😜 Stir Crazy Stories: Meteor Attack! 🤪

Coronavirus. Worldwide pandemic. COVID-19. It’s everywhere and lots of folks are doing what they can to help out.

I’m doing my part. Staying isolated (not that hard for an introvert that works from home), keeping up on the news, keeping busy with the day job as the company I work for tries to adapt to these circumstances, but it doesn’t feel like enough.

Not being in the healthcare field, it feels like I can’t do nearly enough. But being a writer, I can at least provide some entertainment. So I am going to start giving away ebooks, one every week or two while everyone is cooped up.

First up is Meteor Attack! All the details are on the Stir Crazy Stories page at robertjmccarter.com/stircrazystories. I’ll be keeping that page up to date as this goes along. Once this gets rolling, I expect there to be two or more ebooks available for free at a time.

There is no obligation, no email required, no strings attached, no requests made. Just giving away some entertainment because we all need to escape some, now more than ever.

Please pass the word if you know others that might be interested.

Stay safe and stay sane out there!

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