May 11, 2020

😜 Stir Crazy Stories: Shuffled Off 🤪

While things are starting to open up here and there, self quarantining remains in place for many, so time for another Stir Crazy Story.

This time it’s my first and best reviewed novel, Shuffled Off (4.8 stars with 35 reviews as of this writing). This book will always have a special place in my heart. It was hard, it took a long time, but so many parts of the project was quite magical. There is an innocence to this book–it was my first novel, after all, and I can’t ever approach a novel this way again.

JJ’s heartrending passage, kicking and screaming, through Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ five stages of grief for his lost life, is relatable for any reader who has lost a loved one too soon…. The wry humor and raw emotional truth of JJ’s journey will have readers rooting for him from death to eternity.

Kirkus Reviews

All the details are on the Stir Crazy Stories page at There are three books for free right now.

If you’ve read Shuffled Off already, please spread the word. Fiction can provide a very important escape right now.

Stay safe and stay sane out there!

P.S. Here’s the blurb for the book:

Sometimes death wakes you up…

Death comes for us all, but when JJ Lynch dies, it’s one hell of a wakeup call. He’s forced out of the rut of his going-nowhere meat-life and must embrace his new after-life. With a gallows sense of humor, JJ fights his way through the five stages of grief on a journey you will never forget.

Along the way he has to confront the bardo (his own personal hell) and delicately tie up his loose ends. If he’s not careful, one of his loved ones will die.

Life is not easy, even when you’re a ghost.


Using technology developed at the University of Arizona, JJ communicates from beyond the veil to tell his mind-bending story of life beyond death in his own words.

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