July 25, 2020

A Hollywood Kind of Murder

Okay, Walter Anchor used to be an actor so why not have him solving a murder in a Hollywood? A murder with a particularly Hollywood kind of vibe. He’s a ghost after all and moving about is easy. That is the starting point to this unique murder mystery.

Long ago when I was in high school and then again briefly about ten years ago, I did some acting. As a teenager it was plays, lots of them, among other things. As an adult I was in a few student films at the local university. Performing scared me, a lot, and I loved it, a lot. Both of those things bringing with it plenty of adrenaline and lots of excitement So it’s not too surprising that I have a character that tried to make a go of one of my first creative loves.

My writing has changed and evolved over time as I improve my craft and get better at performing with words. This may seem like an odd thought, but I sometimes think of writing as a slow motion performance, or the recording of one. Sure, there is editing and I don’t have to get everything right the first time through, but it feels like I am performing with words. It connects to my experience with acting more than you might think at first thought. It’s less adrenalized than a live performance but still plenty scary and lots of fun.

This is a fun story mixing a quirky murder with a Hollywood setting and a couple of ghost detectives. It’s also an important story in terms of my ghost world (which started with the novel Shuffled Off). It takes another step in exploring the question of “what if ghosts were real and the living knew it and believed it?”

A Hollywood Kind of Murder is on sale for $0.99 (in the US) for the next few weeks.

This story is a Campfire Tale (my 2019 experiment with reader-assisted stories) so it is free to my newsletter subscribers, as well as Detecting Haley, the first Walter Anchor story.

Here’s the blurb:

Walter Anchor spends his afterlife solving murders in the hope of one day solving the toughest murder of all. His own.

When a case brings him to Hollywood, Walter takes on a murder that could only happen in Tinseltown. An actor playing the part of a corpse murdered during the filming of a funeral scene. Walter will deal with an interfering ghost and confront his past as a failed actor to solve this case. But can he stop the murderer before someone else dies?

From the author of Shuffled Off: A Ghost’s Memoir comes a murder mystery unlike anything seen before.

Get your copy today or see all the books in the series.

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