January 30, 2021

The Case of the Purple Unicorn

It’s a new year so time for a new release. Well… in this case not a new story but a new stand-alone release for an old story.

Under a slightly different title, this short story goes back to 2014 where it appeared in an anthology called One Horn to Rule Them All: A Purple Unicorn Anthology. And it has appeared as part of two of my short story collections: Creatures Featured: 13 Stories of Monsters and other Creatures and Anomalous Readings: Thirteen Curious and Confounding Tales.

It was even on the site for free for a bit as part of my Saturday Stories program (you can still read a free except).

In fact, if you want to read this story, one of the two anthologies above is a better buy, even with the ebook on sale for $0.99 in the US for the next few weeks.

So, being the perceptive reader you are, you might be wondering why release it alone. And that is a good question and the answer is pretty simple: because of the future.

Conner Bright is a series, a small one as of yet, but a series nonetheless. Which means that, happily, there will be more coming out this year. So “The Case of the Purple Unicorn” get’s it’s time in the sun for the future Conner Bright mysteries to come.

Here’s where you can get it:

That Conner Bright gets around. And you’d be right in thinking that this story appearing in so many places reflects my fondness of the character and the story.

Here’s the blurb

Private investigator and Arizona native Conner Bright tries to hide from his past with a b-movie quality Australian accent, alligator skin boots, and a bowie knife strapped to his side, but it always seems to catch up to him.

When a little girl swears she saw her great uncle murdered by a purple unicorn, Conner takes the case expecting to face nothing more than a little girl’s overactive imagination. But in this short story, Conner must confront his past and put his life on the line to protect his young client.

From Robert J. McCarter, the author of Unfinished Business, comes a private investigator and a case like no other.

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