February 19, 2021

The Rescue of Jules Verne

There’s a pattern emerging with my 2021 releases so far. Just like with last month’s release, I’m taking a short story that is already out there and giving it a stand-alone release.

The reasons are the same:

  • I love this story
  • It will soon be part of a series
  • It gives the series a chance to grab readers in a different way.

And this story is pretty different. It takes place in 1889 and follows explorer Marco Walker into the wilds of the hollow earth to rescue none other than Jules Verne.

Yeah, that’s pretty cool and I think deserving of some attention. If all goes well there will be three of these stories out by the end of the year.

Here’s where you can get this story:

Here’s the blurb

A world within our world. A secret tunnel hidden under the Eiffel Tower. A small central sun at the center of our planet warming those lands in the hollow earth. Seas with no horizon because of the concave nature of those lands. Adventures beyond the imagination of the modern man at the dawning of the twentieth century.

In 1889, seasoned explorer Marco Walker descends into the hollow earth on a desperate mission to rescue Jules Verne on the behest of the Hollow Earth Society. He finds himself in an untamed land with dangers at every turn and must use his skill, his wits, and every last bit of his experience to rescue Verne and survive this hostile and spectacular land.

From Robert J. McCarter, author of Woody and June versus the Apocalypse, comes an imaginative story of adventure and companionship unlike anything before it.

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Robert J. McCarter

Robert J. McCarter is the author of more than ten novels and over a hundred short stories...... learn more

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