April 22, 2021

Death by Cookie

“Death by Cookie” marks the return of JJ Lynch.

If you’ve read my A Ghost’s Memoir series, this is good news. This may only be JJ in a supporting role and it may only be a short story, but it’s been a while since JJ appeared like this in any of my writing. Last year he had a couple of brief cameos in a few Walter Anchor stories, but he is a major part of this story.

In many ways, JJ is the reason I’m a writer. When I was writing Shuffled Off–it was just a short story at first, I had no desire to write a novel–it was his clear voice in my head that kept me writing that story which turned into my first novel and then a whole series of novels and stories.

This story is also a glimpse of what JJ has been up to. We left him apprenticing with Banquo (who also appears in this story) and this story shows some of that.

If you haven’t read Shuffled Off or any of my other ghost stories or books, not to worry. This story is completely stand-alone. If you have this will be a an extra fun treat.

You will also get the first public look at my “Death By” series of stories, where all kinds of ghosts tell stories revolving around how they died. There’ll be another one out soon and a collection of them one of these days.

JJ and all that history aside, this is a very personal story and takes a look at dementia from the perspective that only a ghost can provide. And it’s just one of the stories in this magazine. As usual I’m very happy with the company I am keeping here.

It is available right now!

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