October 5, 2022

Woody and June versus Two Guns

Two Guns is a place in Arizona off I-40 east of Flagstaff. An old place full of ruins. A place where it looks like the apocalypse occurred long ago. A very strange place with a dark history.

This is the setting for Episode 9 of Woody and June versus the Apocalypse, Woody and June versus Two Guns, out today!

I won’t say too much more about the book. If you’re reading along, you have a clue. If you aren’t, I’d give too much away. The blurb is below.

If you are unfamiliar with Woody and June, go check out the series page. If you are, then you know that each novel-length volume is made up of a series of episodes that combine into a larger story arc.

And here’s the blurb for Woody and June versus the Chase:

One Person’s Game is Another’s Nightmare

Woody Beckman and June Medina defied the odds and found each other in post-zombie-apocalypse Arizona. No longer go-it-alone survivors, they now face the future together with something to lose. Each other.

When the worst psychotic, petty, wannabe warlord of them all sets a trap for Woody, June, and Dallas and launches them into her twisted “game,” it will take everything they’ve got just to survive the day.

Can Woody and June beat the odds and let their love flourish in a world of zombies and psychotic, petty, wannabe warlords?

A story of adventure and love and taking things (even the apocalypse) in stride.

Get your copy today!

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