October 6, 2023

Destroyer of Carterville

It’s been a few months since the Kickstarter for Destroyer of Carterville and now it’s finally time for it to go out to the rest of the world!

I love this series and I really love this book. I think it’s the best book I’ve written of this variety (a complicated mystery with lots of action). In addition, it rounds out this part of the series and reframes what happened in the other two books.

(If you don’t recall, I wrote these out of order, starting with The Blood of Carterville, going back in time for Out of a Christmas Sky, and now filling in the gap between them with Destroyer of Carterville).

Not familiar with Carterville? It is a fictional town in Northern Arizona where almost everyone has some kind of power. Carterville is filled full of interesting characters, conflicts, mysteries, and surprises. (Lots more over at CartervilleAZ.com where you can see all the books and read samples.)

If you haven’t tried Carterville yet, I’d recommend starting with Out of a Christmas Sky. If you’re up to speed, go grab a copy of Destroyer of Carterville. If you want a quick read (and a few implicit spoilers) The Blood of Carterville is a good introduction to the people and powers of Carterville.

If you have been reading Carterville, the second edition of The Blood of Carterville was just released. I have a blog post all about that.

Need more information? Here’s some reviews of the Carterville books:

“I loved it! Carterville is sooo much fun!! What a great cast of characters and a well-paced, page turner mystery!” A beta reader on Destroyer of Carterville

“Definitely the best Carterville yet! An excellent slow burn, action/drama with great character development, excellent Arizona presence/description and some great ‘hooks’ throughout.”  A beta reader on Destroyer of Carterville

“Interesting cast of characters and an engaging plot with paranormal twists” A GoodReads review of Out of a Christmas Sky

“…it is a very entertaining mystery… Well drawn, flawed characters and an interesting premise” A Kindle review of Out of a Christmas Sky

“Hope There’s More! Great New Series!” A Kindle review of Out of a Christmas Sky

“The truth and intelligence in Robert McCarter’s books is above and beyond. I find his stories fascinating, and I would read any book he wrote. ” A Kindle review of The Blood of Carterville

Here’s the blurb:

Carterville, AZ. Population: 290. People with powers: 200

Just a sleepy former mining town turned tourist haven in the mountains of Northern Arizona until the “incident”-the meteorite that gave everyone in the town powers, but only while in or near Carterville.

When Winston “Smitty” Smith starts receiving bizarre threats, chief of police Henry Carter will put aside their long rivalry to solve this strange case that threatens the future of Carterville itself.

With not just Henry’s life on the line, but those he cares about the most, can Henry find a way out of the deadly trap set by an enemy too powerful to beat?

From Robert J. McCarter, long-time Arizona resident and the author of The Blood of Carterville, comes a mystery and a town you will never forget.

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