April 10, 2024

Woody and June versus the Standoff

Woody and June versus the Standoff is the penultimate episode in Volume 3 and boy do things get crazy!. We are building up to a big ending for the volume and this episode sure ramps things up.

Woody is in bad shape. Dallas is captured and in what appears to be an inescapable predicament, and… well, if you’ve been reading you know there is a lot more going on.

This episode has high stakes, big surprises, and lots of what you expect from a Woody and June story.

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Here’s the blurb which will give you a taste of this crazy episode.

Hanging by a Thread

Woody Beckman and June Medina defied the odds and found each other in post-zombie-apocalypse Arizona and made the friend of a lifetime in the free-spirited Dallas. No longer go-it-alone survivors, they now face the future together with something to lose. Each other.

When Talia, the worst petty, psychotic, wannabe warlord of them all, uses Woody’s tricks against him in a sick game designed to kill Woody and Dallas, can he fight through his illness and find a way for both of them to survive? Can June find a way to rally the survivors at Phantom Ranch so they stand a chance against Talia and her superior forces?

With everything at stake, can Woody and June beat the odds and survive Talia and the Zs, save Phantom Ranch, and allow their love to flourish all while keeping their humanity intact?

A story of adventure and love and taking things (even the apocalypse) in stride.

Ready for an amazing adventure? Get your copy today!

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