May 8, 2024

Woody and June versus the End

When I sat down and started writing Volume 3 of Woody and June versus the Apocalypse, I had the end in mind, in so much as I wanted to end this phase of their story.

These stories are many things: post-apocalyptic action and adventure stories; survival stories; an ode to the beauty of Northern Arizona; and a love story.

I knew where I wanted to take the love story, I knew that the central conflict of these books had to come to a head, but given the way I write, I didn’t know exactly where things would end up but after the events of Volume 2, the direction Woody and June were headed in was clear.

And here we, finally, are. Today Woody and June versus the End, is available and you can now read about the dramatic conclusion that all three volumes were heading towards.

Is this the end for heroes or just an end? What I can tell you is that after this long (it’s basically a double episode) action-packed episode, nothing will be the same for any of them.

If you haven’t started reading Volume 3 yet, I recommend waiting until next month when Woody and June versus the Apocalypse: Volume 3 (Episodes 13 – 17) will drop.

If you are new to Woody and June, just sign up for my newsletter and you can read the first episode for free, Woody and June versus the Wannabe Warlord (plus a bunch of other stories, some exclusive to my newsletter subscribers).

You can find more about the stories and the release schedule over at

Here’s the blurb which will give you a taste of the madness our heroes are about to face!

Is this the End?

Woody Beckman and June Medina defied the odds and found each other in post-zombie-apocalypse Arizona and made the friend of a lifetime in the free-spirited Dallas. No longer go-it-alone survivors, they now face the future together with something to lose. Each other.

In a climactic battle between Woody and Talia, between the survivors of Phantom Ranch and Talia’s superior forces, between the now intelligent Zs and the living, can they survive, much less win?

With nowhere to run, Woody, June, and Dallas must face the end in the only way they know how. With courage. With determination. Together.

A story of adventure and love and taking things (even the apocalypse) in stride.

Ready for an amazing adventure? Get your copy today!

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