Season 1


The complete first season of Neutrinoman and Lightningirl: A Love Story. Follow Neutrinoman and Lightningirl from the moment they first meet as they fall in love and try to save the world. With engaging characters, a lot of heart, and a dash of humor join the fun on an unforgettable adventure.

#1 Meteor Attack!: Falling in love and saving the world

When Nik Nichols (aka Neutrinoman) and Licia Lopez (aka Lightningirl) first touch, electrons and neutrinos fly. But a relationship is the furthest thing from their minds. They’ve got to figure out their new superpowers and keep their identities secret. Not to mention that huge asteroid hurtling towards the Earth.

#2 Toxic Asset: Friend or Enemy?

When Toxicwasteman escapes from prison and takes hostages it is Neutrinoman he wants to talk to. There is an eminent attack by the same aliens that hurled the meteor towards earth, an attack that could destroy much of the United States.

#3 Protocol X: An Alien Encounter

It’s not easy being Neutrinoman. He’s got a lot on his plate. Continuing alien attacks aimed directly at him, Toxicwasteman trying to recruit him into his band of villains, and Licia/Lightningirl keeping her distance. But wait until his identity is revealed on national news and he encounters an alien he calls “Sarah.”
The first three parts in a series, Neutrinoman and Lightningirl: A Love Story, Season 1, documents the meeting and first adventures of Neutrinoman and Lightningirl, as told by Nik Nichols himself.

Praise for the Series

“Love—the best superpower! Enjoy a witty fun adventure as your heart strings are tugged to play a hauntingly familiar love song.”

“Perfect balance between sci-fi, humor, and romance.”

“Mostly I love the ‘heart’ that Mr. McCarter imbues his characters with…” read more

“This was a surprisingly, visual, sweet, exciting page turner! A great read!”

“Loved it, loved it, loved it. I’m a major sucker, though, for a good love story. You had me emotionally involved from the get-go.”

“Beautiful love story draped in outrageous humor. Romantic comedy at its best.”

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