To Be a Fool

Who wants to rest in peace?

Want to have a happy afterlife as a ghost? Then, stay out of the bardo (your own personal hell); avoid your old meat-life—it only leads to trouble; and take your time with your unfinished business. In other words, rest in peace.

But, resting in peace doesn’t work for JJ Lynch. He will have to break all the rules and risk everything to do the right thing and find his way in the afterlife.


Using technology developed at the University of Arizona, JJ communicates from beyond the veil to tell his mind-bending story of life beyond death in his own words.

Praise for Shuffled Off: A Ghost’s Memoir, Book 1

“The wry humor and raw emotional truth of JJ’s journey will have readers rooting for him from death to eternity.” Kirkus Reviews

What Readers are Saying about To Be a Fool

“And wow … I cried so hard reading this the first time, I had to stop for a while because I couldn’t see well enough. What an incredible book!”

“…even better than Shuffled off. Definitely worked well as a sequel.”

“If anyone you love has died, or may die before you do, READ this book!”

“It felt so emotionally real… drew all parts of me fully into the story I found myself wishing all of us who are experiencing loss and grief (which means all of us) could receive the benefit of reading this!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book due to the elegant combination of both humor and reflective thinking that JJ’s character provides. JJ says what a lot of us don’t know how to say or even process…”

“I felt like I was there… JJ is an amazing character…”

“Resolving grief as a ghost is not for sissys! JJ Lynch takes on the task with TRUE heart and soul. Praise for this foolishness and for the love that shines through.”

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