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Praise for Robert's Writing

Robert might be one of the most powerful new writers to come onto the scene in the last decade.

Sci-fi as it should be: engaging, moving, and grand in scope.

The wry humor and raw emotional truth of JJ’s journey will have readers rooting for him from death to eternity

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Robert J. McCarter is the author of more than ten novels and over a hundred short stories. He is a regular contributor to Pulphouse Fiction Magazine and his short fiction has also appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Everyday Fiction, and numerous anthologies.

Robert writes in a variety of genres from contemporary fantasy to science fiction and just about everything in between. His diverse background–including a career in software engineering, growing up on a ranch riding horses, and acting–colors the stories he tells.

He lives in the mountains of Arizona with his amazing wife and his ridiculously adorable dogs