The Work of Now

For those curious (or just happen to stumble onto this), here’s what I am working on creativity-wise*, listed in order of priority.

  • 2021 was definitely the year of short stories. Which was unexpected and fabulous!
  • It’s not clear what 2022 is going to be, but here’s what’s going on:
    • More short stories are coming from a couple of sources!
    • I’ve got three novels I’m finishing up.
    • I’m going to give Kickstarter a try for one of those three novels (or more, we’ll see how it goes).
  • Still writing every day. My streak is somewhere around six years of writing every single day. The habit is deep and it makes a huge difference. I’m long past “feeling” like I want to write. It’s something I do regardless of how I am feeling.
  • This page inspired by the ever interesting Derek Sivers.

Last updated 2/27/2022.

*. I am doing a lot of other things (such as programming, learning to build furniture, and pitching in at Further Shore), but if you are on this site, I figure you are interested in my writing and other creative pursuits**

**. Not to say programming isn’t creative, it is. You just can’t curl up with it by the fire with a nice cup of tea and escape to anther world.