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Falling in love and saving the world…

When Nik Nichols (aka Neutrinoman) and Licia Lopez (aka Lightningirl) first touch, electrons and neutrinos fly. But a relationship is the furthest thing from their minds. They’ve got to figure out their new superpowers, keep their identities secret, and deal with the demands of the military. Not to mention that huge asteroid hurtling towards the Earth.

Life can be complicated, but a superhero’s life can be even more complicated. Can they save the world and fall in love too?

The first part in a series, Meteor Attack!, documents the meeting and first adventures of Neutrinoman and Lightningirl, as told by Nik Nichols himself.


Friend or Enemy?

When Toxicwasteman escapes from prison and takes hostages it is Neutrinoman he wants to talk to. There is an eminent attack by the same aliens that hurled the meteor towards earth, an attack that could destroy much of the United States.

Neutrinoman and Lightningirl don’t trust Toxicwasteman, but they have no choice. They must team up with him and attempt to foil the alien’s devastating plans. But can he be trusted?

The second part in a series, Toxic Asset, documents the second adventure of Neutrinoman and Lightningirl, as told by Nik Nichols himself.


An Alien Encounter

It’s not easy being Neutrinoman or Nik Nichols for that matter. He’s got a lot on his plate. Continuing alien attacks aimed directly at him, Toxicwasteman trying to recruit him into his band of villains, and Licia/Lightningirl keeping her distance. But wait until his identity is revealed on national news and he encounters an alien he calls “Sarah.”

When these enemies come fact-to-face, neither of them are what the other expected. This is going to change everything–provided they can survive.

The third part in a series, Protocol X, documents the continuing adventures of Neutrinoman and Lightningirl, as told by Nik Nichols himself.​


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