Marco Walker in the Hollow Earth

"A world within our world. A secret tunnel hidden under the Eiffel Tower. A small central sun at the center of our planet warming those lands in the hollow earth. Seas with no horizon because of the concave nature of those lands. Adventures
beyond the imagination of the modern man at the dawning of the twentieth century..."

From the diary of Marco Walker, June 1889

Wild and Wise

A Hollow Earth Thanksgiving

Robert J. McCarter is the author of more than fifteen novels and over one hundred and fifty short stories. He is a regular contributor to Pulphouse Fiction Magazine and his short fiction has also appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Everyday Fiction, and numerous anthologies.

Robert writes in a variety of genres from contemporary fantasy to science fiction and just about everything in between. His diverse background–including a career in software engineering, growing up on a ranch riding horses, and acting–colors the stories he tells.

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