Walter Anchor: He's a ghost trying to solve his own murder. A ghost with plenty of unfinished business.

Emily: She died at the age of four and still looks it but she's been dead for eighty years. She has a nose for murder.

Together: They solve murders.

Detecting Haley

The Ghost Bride's Gift

A Long Hard Fall

Death of a Dentist

A Hollywood Kind of Murder

The Red Arrow Murders

Unfinished Business

All six cases in one volume!

Robert J. McCarter is the author of seven novels, four novellas, and dozens of short stories. He is a finalist for the Writers of the Future contest and his stories have appeared or are forthcoming in The Saturday Evening Post, Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, Fiction River, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, and numerous anthologies

His latest effort is a serialized novel called Woody and June Versus the Apocalypse, a story of adventure and love and taking things (even the apocalypse) in stride. Of his novel,Seeing Forever, Kirkus Reviews says, “Sci-fi as it should be: engaging, moving, and grand in scope.”

He lives in the mountains of Arizona with his amazing wife and his ridiculously adorable dogs.