A Postcard from Woody and June

I know, I know, since Woody and June versus the Apocalypse is a post-zombie-apocalypse story, they couldn’t actually send you a postcard. But since our mission here (much like the book) is to have as much fun as we can, why not? So we are going old-school with a real-life postcard mailed to you!

(Scroll down to get a look at the postcard.)

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  • Get a real-life postcard in the mail written by Woody and June (this offer only applies to the US right now). Don’t worry, we won’t keep your mailing address around and you won’t be getting any spam mail from us.
  • Be signed up for the Woody and June Fan Club if you are not a member already
  • Have a front row seat to all the Woody and June fun.

Front Side (click for a glorious high-res version)
Back Side (click for a glorious high-res version)