Anomalous Readings
Thirteen Curious and Confounding Tales (signed)


Explore the Curious and Confounding

  • * A gritty sci-fi / western featuring a genetically modified talking horse
  • * A karmic sci-fi apocalypse haunted by the “ghosts” of the dead
  • * A man who erases memories, desperate to remember something important
  • * An old-fashioned story of survival in space, with a twist

These stories by Robert J. McCarter are different, strange. They are the anomalies, the divergences from his usual storytelling. Darker. Stranger. Weirder.

Genres span the spectrum from a contemporary tale of a cowboy detective in Arizona hiding from his past, to a human judge in an AI controlled far-future sci-fi world, to a fantasy story about a man seeing silent ghosts in the forest who are trying to tell him something.

Featuring Designation Null, a finalist in the Writers of the Future Contest, and twelve other stories, embark on a unique adventure with Anomalous Readings

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Thirteen Curious and Confounding Tales (signed)”

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