Protocol X
Neutrinoman & Lightningirl: A Love Story
Episode #3 (signed)


An Alien Encounter

It’s not easy being Neutrinoman or Nik Nichols for that matter. He’s got a lot on his plate. Continuing alien attacks aimed directly at him, Toxicwasteman trying to recruit him into his band of villains, and Licia/Lightningirl keeping her distance. But wait until his identity is revealed on national news and he encounters an alien he calls “Sarah.”

When these enemies come fact-to-face, neither of them are what the other expected. This is going to change everything–provided they can survive.

The third part in a series, Protocol X, documents the continuing adventures of Neutrinoman and Lightningirl, as told by Nik Nichols himself.

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Neutrinoman & Lightningirl: A Love Story
Episode #3 (signed)”

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