Shuffled Off: A Ghost’s Memoir
Book 1 (signed)


When someone dies, the world doesn’t stop. It seems like it should, but it doesn’t. It would be useful if it did stop. You know, take a moment, get your bearings, and deal with practical and emotional details that engulf a death. But no, no stopping, no break, you just gotta continue your drunkard’s walk down the path of life.

When I died, the world didn’t stop, not a bit. I wasn’t expecting it to, but it would’ve been nice, you know?

My death thrust me into this new world that I didn’t understand. I found myself grappling with the life I left behind and what I had left undone, while at the same time trying to come to grips with this new afterlife.

I was a murderous poltergeist for a while, and then a guardian angel. I have struggled to reach my loved ones and fought to keep them safe. I’ve seen Hamlet performed in a graveyard by a pack of ghosts, had some amazing adventures, and even survived the bardo.

It’s not easy… life is complicated, even when it’s an afterlife. But it’s still worth living, even though I’m “dead”.

My name is JJ. I’m a ghost. This is my story.

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