Walter Anchor, Ghost Detective

Walter Anchor: He’s a ghost trying to solve his own murder. He “woke up” as a ghost in his dental office, a needle in his body’s arm, a vial of propofol near by, his death made to look like a suicide.

Emily: She died at the age of four and still looks like it with her blond Shirley Temple curls and ready tears, but she’s been dead for eighty years and has seen a lot in her afterlife and sometimes acts like it. She found Walter when he was newly dead and now they are the best of friends.

They are two ghosts living at a cemetery in Tucson, Arizona and together they solve murders. Walter is not “resting in peace” and he hopes to one day solve his own murder and find out why someone killed him and made it look like a suicide.

In the meantime, Emily is finding them the most bizarre murders to solve.

These stories take place in the “A Ghost’s Memoir” universe, the same as the novels Shuffled Off, Drawing the Dead, To Be a Fool, and Of Things Not Seen

The Cases of Walter Anchor and Emily